On Paddy’s Day and Other Festivities

Paddy’s day was a bit of a shambles, ironically. After two jugs and several leprechaun selfies later, we headed home. Although it felt like midnight it was only 4pm, so I headed to bed for a “tactical” nap. Unfortunately, the nap wasn’t so tactical as I woke up both hungover, drunk and more tired. It was safe to say I didn’t head out that night. At the risk of painting myself as an undiagnosed alcoholic, a couple of days later we headed to my housemate’s girlfriend’s 21st, and I was drunk at 3pm. This early afternoon drinking seems to be turning into a dangerous habit, and by 7pm I was exhausted and headed home, but not without stealing my housemates’ friend’s phone, which apparently he still hasn’t got back…rather worrying.


Drunk at 3pm with the housemates

Aside from slowly developing an alcohol problem, I’ve still been sticking at the crazy amounts of sports I signed up for. Sadly, although I thought I’d be slightly fitter by now, swimming has actually got worse. The weather seems to have turned (ie, it’s not 35 degrees plus every day), and this morning it was horribly cloudy and drizzling- a typical early English morning. I dragged myself out of bed, wavered at the door, and made my way down to the pool. We were doing tumbleturns, which was probably my worst nightmare! I am completely incompetent, and several times I found myself accidentally upside down, having inhaled several litres of water. I soon gave up and, upon approaching the wall, pretended to tumbleturn and sneakily just pushed off the wall instead. This also resulted in me upside down, and I’m pretty sure the coach saw me, but obviously felt so sorry for me that he didn’t comment.  Ah well, hopefully by the end of the year I will have improved.

The Easter weekend involved a brief dabble in the world of surfing. I was tired before we even entered the water, boiling to death in a rash vest and thirty degree heat. After several nosedives and inelegant attempts, I managed to stand up! It was a momentous occasion, and one more thing to tick off my Australia bucket list. We then went for a barbie in the park, had a few cheeky ciders and played a bit of football, before after five minutes we were all sweating profusely. It was a classic Australian bank holiday and the perfect way to start the Easter weekend.


Photo credit: Luke Austin


Fail of a souffle selfie

I’ve also been more adventurous in the culinary department. The other day, my friend Guy and I decided to be brave and attempt a soufflé. After spending half an hour choosing a recipe, and then forty-five minutes wandering the supermarket aisles, we finally located our few ingredients. I was absolutely starving, having been at the Fremantle Herald all day unable to constantly graze (and also unused to having a 9-5 day- cmon, I’m an arts student, I’m used to one hour days), and so I found it very difficult not to buy the entire supermarket. Finally, we got back and got cookin’. In reality it was simple: melt the butter, stir in the flour and milk slowly. Then, separate the egg whites and yolks: more difficult. Safe to say our egg whites were a curious shade of yellow by the time we’d finished. But the most challenging part was whisking the egg whites until they were “peaky”. After whisking them and stirring them in, we were left with cramping arms and a pan full of stodge. And following several burned hands, into the oven the soufflé stodge went. After taking a difficult (and difficult to pronounce) soufflé selfie, we were ready to tuck in. They were neither golden nor risen, nor did they have a slight wobble, but they tasted damn amazing.

I’ve also now developed an excuse not to go to lectures. Following my Mac fiasco, I got my parents to bring over my ancient Sony Vaio. I’m very fond of it although it scalds me every time I turn it on and has electrocuted me several times. This has led to my sarky housemate advising I don’t leave it on the sofa or it would set it on fire, “oh and not on the desk either, it might spontaneously combust!” Thanks, Gerry! But recently it has started emitting a loud whine which is rather embarrassing in lectures. I’ve now become the class spectacle several times as my laptop whinges and whines throughout the lecture, masking the actually content of the lecture.

And now it’s Easter Sunday, and I’ve spent the weekend getting drunk and swimming in the rain. I’m now off for a spot of windsurfing before I attempt some (probably disastrous) Easter baking. Happy Easter everyone!


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