The Last of Asia

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1891102_10154441218349046_9125422877077115816_n.jpgC__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_10434242_10154441217249046_4102652416676909298_nC__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_12418957_10208533532679511_5442437583797943335_o.jpgYou know you’re having a good time when you’re actually too busy to write about all the crazy things you’ve done. My last post was over a month ago, so there’s no way I’ll be able to recount the last few weeks in nearly enough detail. That doesn’t stop me from trying, though…

Following an untraditional Christmas eve, we spent Christmas on the beach wearing hideous matching green tops which made us sweat profusely. We caught a glimpse of the guys we’d hung out with in Hanoi, ate an overpriced roast dinner at the local pub owned by a sleazy English guy, and then began designing the most brightly coloured outfits possible. After a brief photo shoot with the stripper pole in the hostel we bumped into the girls we’d met on the booze cruise in Ko Phi Phi. The travelling circle is certainly very small! You cant escape it even if you want to…

We left a grimy looking Ko Phangan following a full moon party that lived up to its expectations, and headed for Koh Tao. Delirium was prominent as we’d got to bed at 7am and we spent a good half an hour in stitch-inducing hysterics after spotting a very unfortunate man draped almost entirely in bandages. He made our day! We spent the evening watching (more) fat shows, joined by an English guy who tried to keep up with our caustic banter but succeeded in only being offensive. He did try, though.

On Koh Tao we discovered our love of diving. Well, April and I did. Lizzy instead discovered that a fear of deep water and diving do not mix well. After having trouble equalizing my ears at a mere 1m, we descended to 18m and saw a plethora of dazzling fish and coral. I could also actually see as our dear instructor Ian provided me with a prescription mask, so that was a bonus! We proudly received our Open Water Qualifications after not too many hiccoughs- aside from a minor panic attack when we descended and saw a 5m shark on the bottom which turned out to be a model of a shark obviously designed solely for the purpose of scaring divers and testing their limits!

After Koh Tao we survived a nightmare journey to Bangkok, arriving at 2am. We experienced the mania of the Khao San Road on New Year’s Eve, saw the Grand Palace, and nearly got scammed by a tuk tuk driver. Since we’re undeniably crazy and love anything that makes a good story, we chose to book a flight at 7am to Bali. We rocked up to the airport after a hair-raising drive to the airport and a tearful goodbye to Lizzy. Unfortunately, the entire population of Bangkok seemed to have had the same idea as us, and the queue for our boarding passes was ridiculously long.

Bali was humid as hell. The journey to the Gili Islands is probably the hottest I’ve ever been in my life. We were forced to queue in 35 degree heat carrying our bags, hoping that the air conditioned boat would provide us with respite. Much to our horror, the boat was stuffy and about five degrees hotter than outside! We slid around on the leather seats for the worst two hours of my life, finally arriving at the picturesque Gili Trangawan.

Our advanced diving instructor was a Finnish guy called Semo, who invited us out for drinks on our last night and heavily hinted that we buy him drinks. As if the fact we’d paid $500 for the course wasn’t enough!

After officially becoming advanced divers, I finally managed to get my picture on the iconic Gili T swing…which was actually a picture of a random guy on the swing. You cant tell though, can you? We walked back from the swing in the dying light and watched a storm over Lombok from afar- life really couldn’t have got much better.

Thankfully, the boat back from the Gilis was slightly more bearable, but we arrived back in Kuta about ten hours early for our 2am flight. Of course, the only way to pass the time was to chain watch movies. We saw the new Star Wars (the first star wars I’ve ever seen actually!) and a film about James Dean. All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Asia and its delicious food- although my last item of food was a Kit Kat! We were sad but it was time to leave, and we were ready for another crazy adventure to begin.


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