On Post Bali Peeling and Other First World Problems

So my plan to get super tanned for the Trinity Ball rather backfired when I started peeling horribly the day I got back. I’m now a blotchy mess, and I tried to fake tan over my peeled tan which also didn’t go too well, as you can imagine! Ah well, the ball was great fun. We all got ready ridiculously early, and were ready to take pictures by 5pm, when the boys were still playing soccer on the quad. I also put on fake eyelashes and foundation for the first time (what’s happening to me?!) We were taken to a secret location called “Fraser’s” in King’s Park which has a fabulous view overlooking the city. We were given delicious canapés on a lawn (difficult for my heels), my favourite of which were some mysterious “balls” (I found out later they were arancini- Italian, of course). The ball passed in a blur of wine, champagne, more wine, food!, more champagne, some incredible (dubious) dance moves, and a photobooth. The afterparty was a bit of a disappointment- you had to pay, there were non-trin people there (how dare they!), and people got kicked out after an hour. I made the wise decision of leaving as soon as I saw the place, and collapsed into a wonderful deep sleep as soon as I got back.

Stunning view from Fraser's

Stunning view from Fraser’s

…that was written over three weeks ago, before the wonderful north-west road trip and I’ve only come back to this post as a form of procrastination. I’m meant to be writing an essay on Alexander the Great (was he?), and so far all I’ve done is copied and pasted 500 words from another essay on the same topic. Plagiarism at its finest. It does make me feel better that my word count is in triple as opposed to single figures though. I’ve realised that I actually haven’t done history in over eight years, and even then I was awful at the whole source thing. So why, then, have I chosen a unit on it?! Maybe the name beguiled me: Glory and Grandeur does sound alluring. I’ve also come to the realisation that I one hundred percent have chosen the right degree, which, three years in, is certainly a relief. I’m interested by history, and I definitely wish that I knew more about it, but I’m actually not very fussed at all about the specifics. I don’t really care if Alex (I’m on nickname terms with him now) killed 23,432 or 33,232 people, nor do I wish to analyse his achievements. I’d much rather discuss whether a computer can be conscious, or whether we can go backwards in time and kill our infant selves. I’m happy to learnt about history, but I don’t want to write essays on it. Which is why, I guess, I’m writing this blog post.

Alexander the Not So Great? (He looks in pain  here)

Alexander the Not So Great? (He looks in pain here)

Anyway, moving on. Bali now seems like a distant and very fond memory, and even the road trip which only ended three days ago seems forever ago. Time is passing very slowly– probably because of this bloody essay. Time, on the other hand, is also passing extremely quickly. How is that the case? That’s another thing philosophy would tackle. It’s weird, because it’s October but the temperature is rocketing up to thirty-three degrees, and it’s still only spring. God help me when the summer comes. It’s also confusing (but totally great) that I only have one teaching week and five weeks left of semester (plus a few pesky exams) before three glorious months of travelling…and all this while my fellow Durham students are heading back to the gloomy North. I keep on getting invitations for Fresher’s Week, and I gotta say I’m getting twinges of nostalgia. Apparently, though, the Billy B Library is now sorting people into Harry Potter houses?! What’s going on?

I'd prefer Ravenclaw, actually

I’d prefer Ravenclaw, actually

So what’ve I actually done here at Trin in the past few weeks? I know you probably don’t care, but this blog is intended to be a self-absorbed receptor of my word vomit, so I’ll carry on.

We hit up Cottesloe beach on a glorious day a few weeks ago, zooming down Stirling Highway blaring out Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”. God, I love that song. I’d persuaded my friend to bring his canoe all the way up from Margaret River, and it was still on the roof of the car so we took it for a spin in the sea. We paddled (or rather he paddled and I lazed on the back of the canoe, considerably submerging it in the water (I really should stop eating Vegemite)), and soon we were beyond the groyne, or whatever it’s called, but groynes a funny word (I’m super mature). I was rather out of my depth here (both literally and metaphorically), and I kept a keen eye out for sharks. He soon pushed me off, I stopped thinking about those terrifying man eating fish, and we larked about in the water.

Getting into the shore proved to be great fun, and we surfed the waves into the shore (getting out onto the water was another thing: the waves kept breaking onto us and threatening to tip us over). We then played cards, and I proceeded to take a series of arty photos (see below).

New David Bailey?

New David Bailey?

Aside from our sojourns to the beach, I’ve been playing badminton, tennis, sailing, go karting, and Wing Chun Kung Fu (try and say it quickly multiple times). Wing Chun Kung Fu I found totally hilarious. I know it was only the first session and I totally didn’t get it, but to me it just seemed like a series of repetitive arm movements done v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y. In fact, it was more like one arm movement done at a snail’s pace. I tried not to laugh. I really should give it a second chance though- I’m sure I’d improve, the woman was lovely and the three others were…fifty year old men. I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

Anyway, enough of channeling my energy into blogging. I’ll try and save your eyes and my brain power. But one last thing. I managed to break my laptop and took it to the Apple Store today to get it fixed. The bastards charged me $400 for a new hard drive and data transfer, but thankfully I actually still have all my documents. I tried to get out of that place as quickly as possible…before realising twenty minutes later that I needed to buy a new charger. So back to that horrible place I went, and bought a charger for $29. I then went into a shop and saw they were selling one for $5! Apple is such a rip off. Maybe I’ll finally jump off the bandwagon and get a reasonable priced laptop.

I'll try not to spill milk on it this time

I’ll try not to spill milk on it this time

So, now I can charge my laptop and I have all my documents, so you’re stuck with me continuing to blog. I’m off to write my essay watch a film now, so wish me luck. I’m sure I’ll be back blogging/procrastinating soon, don’t you worry!


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