On Perth and More Positive Thoughts

What a glorious day in WA. I’m walking through campus blaring out James Bay (of course), hideously late for my tutorial but ambling nonetheless. I’ve finally made the tights to bare skin transition- maybe slightly premature, considering it’s still midwinter- but I’m hoping I can feel a tan already. Trusty Yahoo weather tells me that the weather this weekend is going to hit 25 degrees, so the plan is to hit the beach, unsurprisingly.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Cottesloe Beach, Perth

The beach was stunning. We had to get off the bus early because there was an accident, and the ten-minute walk in the heat was too much for me (what am I gonna do in summer?!). We all ran into the water immediately and enthusiastically tried to body surf the meagre waves which often broke too close to the shore, resulting in a sandy tumble as you’re flipped in all directions and hit the seabed. Needless to say, this in no way discouraged me- I loved the adrenaline rush. The water was divine, and we stayed in around half an hour.

Three of us then decided to swim out to the buoy-thing (I still don’t know what it is). I was hoping to climb it and snap some arty pics, but surprisingly enough, the buoy is far larger when you’re closer (it’s that strange thing called perspective). It loomed a good few metres above me, clad in barnacles and seaweed, and try as hard as I could to scale it, I had no chance. I got out of the water pretty fast, however, when my friend told me that someone had died in a shark attack a month ago exactly where we were…

The mysterious, shark attracting

The mysterious, shark attracting “buoy”

Apart from that wonderful trip to the beach, the weekend was pretty tame. It did need to be tame, after all, as I’d drunk five nights in a row… Having said that, we did hit the local gay club- The Court- on Friday, and then explored some cool bars in Beaufort Street…so what, maybe I’m an alcoholic!

The bar in Beaufort Street- Defectors- was full of forty-year olds celebrating someone’s fortieth. Having originally turned my nose up at this, I soon felt guilty when we were offered the remains of a delicious watermelon shaped cake. I ate a ton and regretted it immediately. My friend and I then found a drink in the bathroom and both had the same idea and took it…I think it was alcoholic? Either way, we unashamedly mineswept. The night got even better when we found leftover pizza, nicking a slice, and then went back in after we’d left and grabbed another too. Oh, student life.

Apart from the apparent excessive alcohol consumption, I’ve also been exploring the city more by bike. My friend and I cycled into town a couple of days ago, and then into Subiaco. Although the cycle was scenic, I soon was hit by the realization that I am incredibly unfit, as I watched my friend dwindle to ant size in the distance. I caught up with her about ten minutes later, a delicate shade of fuschia. More worryingly, I noticed that I kept on failing to lock the bike onto an actual bike stand, instead locking the lock around the bike itself…thief proof, eh?

However, perhaps the most interesting development in my week was an email back from a recent job application. Having checked my dwindling bank account, I’ve been refreshing the gumtree page every ten minutes. I’ve applied to countless jobs, and the only email I’ve received back is the one below…. I think I’ve said enough. God knows what the actual job I applied for was.

I can't even.

I’ve made a tactical crop as the rest of the post was rather more explicit. I can’t even.

Let’s hope the rest of my job applications are more encouraging.


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